Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are you Brave Enough to Brave Quiapo on Holidays?

I took this foto last Christmas. I also experienced going to Wellmansons during the procession of the Black Nazarene (really not a good idea). So I didn't bother going last Holy Week.

Getting there is easy via LRT, its the crowds that really get to you. The possibility of a stampede happening is not far fetched, or getting robbed of your cellphone while helplessly being squished between vendors, devotees, kargadors with sweaty manpits. This can totally ruin the festive spirit of Quiapo for you.

So avoid Hidalgo Street on Holidays and take the C. Palanca Street instead that's the street behind SM Carriedo. ( See Map )

After going through the bead shops, you can get a bag load of veggies at the street market for P100.

One street vendor that's not hard to miss is the lady tranny who wears a divine corset-like bodice. The She-male of Quiapo dons green eyeshadow, Twiggy-inspired false lashes and a plastic tiara. He sells panties at 3 pieces for P100. I should have taken a snap, maybe next time when I'm brave enough to pull my cell phone out for shot :)

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