Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vogue Italia's Slave Earrings Brouhaha

When history's Slave trade era is mined for fashion inspiration

Why couldn't they just call 'em HOOP earrings? Weh! Or just shoot the copy editor for being culturally insensitive.

Vogue Italia now says the "Slave Earrings" was a mistranslation and now calls it "Ethnic earrings".

Okay so Slave = Ethnic? Way to go, no save there Vogue Italia

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kirsten Nunez of Studs and Pearls: Freedom with Feathers

Fancy yourself some intricate feather rings? Visit DIY artist and jewelry designer Kirsten Nunez' shop at

Many of Kirsten's pieces are made from thrift jewelry, inspired by nature and found things, these adorable odds and ends result in her impressive handmade pieces.

J'adore! Spots on the feather make this a golden find

Visit her DIY blog too and enjoy her crafty projects

Friday, August 5, 2011

Philippine Fashion Designer Marc Rancy Partners with Swarovski

Swarovski is the luxury brand name for precise cut lead crystals from Wattens, Austria. The diverse trend and application of Swarovski crystals can be found in jewelry, decor, sculptures, appliques, fabrics and fashion lines. Marc Rancy gowns are the only Manila-based couture brand to be certified by Swarovski Elements worldwide as 100% authentic austrian-made crystals.

Marc Rancy now joins the ranks of Swarovski's glittering collaborators. Swarovski crystals have been sought out and widely-used by the fashion world's dynamic designers such as Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Philip Lim, Alexander Wang, and Erdem.

Marc Rancy at Philippine Fashion Week.

Read PhilStar's Feature on Marc Rancy

One of Marc Rancy's work with Swarovski crystals: 100 yards of bias-cut organza in this swirling dropwaist skirt with Swarovski Crystallized bodice.

Wanna drown in a sea of bridal glitter? Check out Marcy Rancy's website and portfolio

Monday, August 1, 2011

Epithelial Skin Jewelry: Bio-Wearables

Photo from this website

"Oh is that a rash? cooties perhaps? New Tats?"

"No, its just my new epithelial skin jewelry."

Don't you just love what's in store for us in the future? Can you foresee Tiffanys and Chopards engraving some bio-gems into your neck?

With EpiSkin jewelry, we can accessorize our skins literally without the permanence of tattoos by just using lab-cultured human tissue cells to form computer-generated designs.

Check out the petri dishes~ that's bio DIY crafty!

Learn the science behind Artificial Skin Jewelry from this site.


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