Friday, June 24, 2011

Stud Earrings: Hikaw at Pakaw

In Filipino, Hikaw at Pakaw refers to the parts of the stud earrings. Hikaw (the main earring part) the attractive side of the earring where you find the gemstone. Pakaw (the plug or earring nut) refers to that little tiny weeny curved screw that clips the stem or post of the earring to the back of your ear.

Ruby Earrings in Yellow Gold

Okay, so the Hikaw at Pakaw come together as the perennial pair and sadly, I have lost so many of these through the years. My very first pair of earrings were a gift from my mom, they were Arabian gold ruby studs, but they fit my 3 year-old ears back then quite nicely. These earrings were the reason my ears were pierced. I remember my mom talking to me, distracting me as she poked a needle into my lobe and before I even realized it- the pain was over. I had earrings and my mom called me pretty- I had stars on my ears. By the time I was eight, I don't remember what exactly happened to them, but I think I lost a stud and my mom kept the rest in her jewelry box until they were completely lost and forgotten.

Button Studs Sterling Silver & White Pearls from Stephen Einhorn

There's this thing I call the Hikaw at Pakaw scenario which is rather amusing, I would often see women in the public loo in frantic search of their Pakaws (studs) which they manage to lose down the sink drain (ah, butter fingers!). Same with the men who sport single or multiple studs on one ear. I don't think it makes them look cooler on the streets once they're bent over searching for lost studs.

CZ Heart Crown Studs by Juicy Couture

But I'm seeing stars lately, maybe its about time I got another pair.


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