Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's inside your Basic Jewelry Starter Kit?

In line with my post, Build your Basic Jewelry Starter Kit for P100

Let's see what's inside the toolbox of a beginner:

Nylon Thread
Elastic or Non-Elastic. You can start with creating a basic bracelet with just a handful of beads and tying the ends into a knot. Elastic bands in black or white cost P14 in Wellmansons. Basic beading threads can go as up as P22, available in various centimeters or thickness.

Prices vary, but if you want to get started with jewelry-making as a hobby, you can start for as low as P15 per packet or stem.

Eye Pins
The metal connectors, the basic unit that binds beads and stones to one another. Sizes vary according to your bead size. You may also consider buying the flat-heads or head pins.

Toggle or Clasps
You need Toggle or Clasps to secure the ends of the bracelet, this mainly functions as a lock. You don't need so much clasps, so a small packet can do for a starter kit.

How much beads do I need?
Gosh, for the rabid beader there can never be enough beads. The beadshops in Villalobos street can be overwhelming for a first-timer, consider the experience like visiting a chocolate factory.

♥ Have fun making your first design!♥


  1. ask ko lang kung meron website ang wellmansons sa quiapo

  2. do you consider shipping?

  3. kindly inform us if you can ship orders. ;)

    please... you made me realize that this is something i've been wanting to do!



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