Saturday, May 16, 2009

Goin' Gaga Over Memory Wire

Gradeschool kids just love memory wire. Just poke the beads through the wire and you're done! Well moms have to seal/knot the ends though.

I can make like thirty bracelets in one go. They're easy and fun to make! They remind me of slinkies.


  1. how is memory wire closed/sealed?

  2. hi gurl! cute little bangles you have there!!! really nice! i remembered producing almost 200 of those for mother's day in two days' time! --thank God He sent me angels to help me out! i had friends and daughters of friends who enjoyed beading through the wires while i coiled the ends to seal them. my right hand really hurt after that :( but it was indeed a great bonding experience for us all!

  3. Hi Jackie just twist the end of the wire into a loop (single or double) or you can put a small bead to loop over into. Hope this helps!

  4. Hey Chee do you have new sets with the memory wire? how did the community bargain sale go?



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