Sunday, October 11, 2009

Map of the Bead Stores of Villalobos Street, Quiapo Manila

I'm still updating the map, maybe one more visit to Villalobos street Quiapo will get the whole thing done. All the bead stores I know are already on the map anyway.

Bead Shops of Quiapo
1. DIY Shop (Do It Yourself Beads and Charms Philippines)
2. Butingting Atbp. General Merchandising
3. Pot of Gems
4. Wellmansons Dealer of Beads and Accessories
5. Chain Beads & Components

Jewelry & Accessories Stores, Quiapo
These are wholesalers of faux and fancy jewelry for beauty pageants, weddings, Santacruzan, proms & events. They sell stud earrings by the bundle, tiaras, large drop earrings, accessories etc.

1. Kyla Accessories
2. Sophie Fashion Jewelry
3. B & S Fashion Jewelry

Only the novelty stores and pawnshops are missing here. If anyone has updates on new stores or suppliers in the area, please feel free to email me.

On the specifics on how to get to Villalobos street, Quiapo. Please refer to my earlier post on the Quickest Route via LRT Carriedo.


  1. Aloha, I feel like I just stumbled upon a hidden treasure! Thank you for this great info. Throughout the 1980's I used to travel to the Philippines often but I haven't been there since Pinatubo erupted!

    I loved being there and loved eating Filipino food. Looking forward to seafood, sinigang and halo halo!

    I'm coming back in a few weeks with my daughter who wants to go shopping at Greenhills.

    I love beading and I'm looking forward to stocking up while I'm in Manila, especially on semi-precious, pearls and silver.

    So, this info is so helpful! Thank you!

    We'll be staying near Greenhills, so I'll have to figure out how far Villalobos Street is from Greenhills.

    Anyway, thank you and have a very blessed day!

  2. Hello Sherrie,

    Sorry for the late reply I was out for the holidays! I'm glad you like the post and I hope you enjoy shopping in Quiapo and in Divisoria too.

    There are buses in front of VirraMall in Greenhills called G-LINER that go straight to Recto or Quiapo. So its fairly easy to get there, but if you can't stand the heat and traffic you can take a cab.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Love your blog! Do you know how/where I can find Filipino beaders for a high end bead project? I searched the CITEM catalog and couldn't find anyone listed as providing that service.

  4. Hi Nadia, sorry I missed out on your comment. Most of the beaders are from Cebu. I would suggest Avatar Accessories

  5. wow very helpful. now i know where to shop for beads. =) i can start making beaded purse.

  6. hi! Is there a bead shop around Greenhills? Thanks in advance!

  7. pwede po ba umorder sa inyo kahit im from mindanao?

  8. Are the bead shops in Villalobos St. open on Sundays?

  9. Hello! Just want to say thank you to your blog :) I found some really nice finds in Quiapo thanks to the info you posted on your blog :) I'm going to share this link to others too, if you don't mind, it's really helpful :)

  10. Im a huge fan of your blog. i got interested with making my own jewelry bec. of this blog..i braved the streets of Quiapo for the first time just to find Villalobos and truly it is HAVEN (Chunk of my bonus went to bead shopping!)Would like to ask if there is Bead Spinner here in Manila already? Thanks! more DIY posts to come...

  11. Mam You really helped me with your blog! I admire you so much! I just want to ask if i could buy small drill machine at Quiapo? and does they sell mini jar bottles? God bless you!

  12. hi, thanks for the's very useful to all beaders like me.. by d way, do u know where is the violet bldg located? i was told that it sells real swarovski crystals.. thanks

  13. Thanks for the info on your site.
    I just braved Villalobos Street yesterday for the first time even though it was raining..and it wad BEAD HEAVEN! =)

    My budget skyrocketed by 3x because the beads were calling my name.hehehe

    Thanks again and keep on blogging! =)

    1. Great to hear you had an awesome time! :)

  14. salamat sa info.. :)
    ngayon alam ku na kung san aku pupunta pag bibili aku ng mga kakaylanganin ku beads para sa accesories na gagawin ko..

  15. salamat naman alam ko na kung san ako bibili ngaun ng wholesale beads..ask ko lang po kung pwde ko malaman ang price para malaman ko kung kaya ng budget ko..price po ng mga DIY beads,,,Thanks and God bless...

    1. At P10 you can buy a pack or string of beads na. If you have P100 madami ka ng mabibili. Kung gusto mo ng mga sosyalan na beads or semi-precious stones, it will cost you around P50-P80 per string/tali, naka-bundle na yon :) mag enjoy ka na lang sa pagpili. For as low as P500 may basic bead business ka na :)

      Pero tuwing pupunta ako dun napapagastos ako ng P2,000 kasi di ko mapigilan sarili ko hahaha... bead adik bah?

    2. Hi. Kasama na po ba sa P500 yung pliers? Magkano po kaya yung pliers?

  16. i really want to start a small business and this is really helpful especially for a first timer like me. thanks so much beadsnob. more power :)

  17. Hi Po! buti na lang i found your blog.. may i ask, san po ba mag OK bumili ng mga beads in terms of quality, price and convenience... sa Quiapo po ba or Divisoria? thank you!

  18. Hi! Are they open on Sundays?

  19. Hi BeadSnob! I was at Villalobos yesterday and try as I might, I couldn't find the "blue Ming-style" ceramic beads that are pretty common in the flea markets of Bangkok. There are also lots of them, including the colored Hong Kong-style ceramic beads which I can easily find in Hanoi. Where can I buy this kind of ceramic beads here in Manila?

  20. hello, I am from out of town,but i was able to see the stores a year ago but failed to get their numbers, Im in Davao del sur now.
    How can i inquire, please help me find the numbers of Sophie and pot of gems, would anyone know, help is really appreciated!


  21. hi meron din po ba available na brass charms and pendant sa quiapo? san pa po meron avaialable bukod sa quiapo? i want something unique din kasi :) thank you :)

  22. Hi! Do you know if there are stores there selling charms and cords for making kidada bracelets? Thanks!

  23. open po kaya mga bead shops na to during sunday?

    1. wellmanson is open on sundays

  24. Do they sell ear threaders on these shops. Where can i buy threaders if you know ...please and thank you!

  25. Please let me know where can I buy in bulk bead caps for gemstones and metal frames for chandelier earrings, what I saw in wellmanson, pot of gems and the like are like retail of 20-40 pesos per pack. Atleast in bulk, i can save more and considering the distance of Baguio to Quiapo its better to buy in bulk for stocks as well. Please let me know

  26. do any of the stores there sell bezels/frames for pendants?

  27. how about the budget of 1500? can i have the beads business na? or do i have to have bigger budget? thanks :)

  28. and do i really have to buy different types of pliers?
    how much will these cost?
    precious stones
    • semi-precious stones
    • murano beads
    • bicones
    • cube crystals
    • glass beads
    • seed beads
    • spacers
    • lentils
    • rice pearls
    • rondelles
    • teardrops
    • drops
    • briolettes
    • keshis
    • ear nuts
    • earring wires
    • nylon wires
    • jump rings
    • split rings
    • S-Hook clasps
    • toggle clasps
    • lobster claw clasps
    • crimp ends
    • crimp tube
    • bails
    • pinch bails
    • connectors
    • eye pins
    • head pins
    • chain nose pliers
    • diagonal wire cutters
    • split ring pliers
    • malleable wires
    • bead caps
    • multi-strand spacer bars
    • five-to-one chandeliers

  29. Just want to know what stall hre will accept shipments going hre in Mindanao.looking for cheapest beads also.

    1. Maybe you can contat this bead store in Tabora street at divisoria. I buy from them and they shipped it to me via trucking services. if you know any trucking services going to your place and inform them, they will surely accommodate you. Here's the cp no. 0921-656-4515.

  30. Any body knows where can I buy Perler Beads?

  31. My branch b ang mga suppliers sa Baguio?

  32. monz

    where could i buy an aurora borealis clear crystal rosary?

  33. hi, do you know where i can buy "Miyuki Delica" beads? thanks

  34. ask ko lang po if authentic ba ung website mg DIY beads na legit online seller po b cla?

  35. Hi po. Ask ko lang po kung totoo po bang rose quartz un mga binebenta sa wellmanson?

  36. Good day.. Wat time po open ang diy beads and accesories??? At hnggang anong oras??? Thank u po sa mga information...



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