Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Accessories and Jewelries at SM Malls Philippines

The latest beach 'Merch' on sale at SM Malls.

Soft cotton tees, burlap beach hat, cat-eye sunglasses, friendship bracelets, paisley beach sandals

Glad there's an improvement on their selections ~ sana may improvement din on how SM treats their suppliers :p Hah!

SM accessories is on the up-and-up, the merch looks sophisticated without abandoning the signature mass-market appeal SM is known for.

Pretty baubles, indeed. When I was shopping around, I overheard a balikbayan/OFW saying, "Mukhang sosyalan, they can pass off as NOT bought at SM." Oh c'mon! Who doesn't like the SM cheap trinkets and fast-fashion du jour? I agree they have lovely pieces, the only downside to this is- since it's at SM, expect everyone you know is wearing the same shizz.

Golden statement pieces for the beach, bone and wood collar necklace


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