Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Loop and A String

It all starts with the first loop. No, with the first string.
Okay you say tomato, I say tomato.

It begins with what you prefer.

Stringing is easy.

1. Get a string preferably an elastic nylon band
2. Estimate the desired length or fit of the wrist with the nylon string.
3. Then put the beads into the string. Be creative with the colors and your bead choices!
4. Knot it up and voila! your first bracelet.


1. Get a connector and your nose plier.
2. Put the bead into the connector.
3. Bend the free end into a 90 degree angle, then slowly and gingerly roll it up into a loop.

4. Okay now you have your first Bead into a connector. The basic unit of jewelry.
5. Make more of these, enough for the length of a bracelet or necklace. Be creative with your selections.
6. I would suggest pre-selecting the beads, line them up on the table and decide where each goes. The secret to great jewelry design is knowing which colors go together and which stones or gems to highlight.
7. Put all your connectors together to create the desired length.
8. Seal the ends with a knot or a lobster lock, a crimp then a lock or a lovely toggle clasp.
9. Wear your fab creation and get fierce!

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  1. hello, how can i purchase the starter kit? thanks



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