Monday, February 9, 2009

The World Spins for a Lazy Beader

I didn't get that coveted Bead Spinner for Christmas, nor will I be getting one this Valentine's Day - there isn't one available in our little side of the world. Unless I prevail nagging everyone I know with a credit card to order one for me online for $35.

$35!? plus the Big Eye Curved Needle for $3.00

So why I can't just string the itsy-bitsy glass beads like everyone else? Laboring countless hours on memory wire or string. I wish I still had good eyesight to go through such patterns, but my eyes have dried up and can no longer do the job that well. Maybe I'm just very impatient that's all. But bead spinners can really save you the time and get that project going without losing that creative momentum halfway through.

An option has turned up though, this craftygal Kimberly Chapman has managed to put up an eco-friendly tutorial on How to Make Your Own Bead Spinner Just don't mind the very 1994 website layout that predates Al Gore. Though I'm not quite sure how margarine tubs would fare against an actual bead spinner, if it gets the job done, well why not?

More on Bead Spinners at Bella Online The article talks about spinning techniques and which bead stringing wire to use.


  1. "Just don't mind the very 1994 website layout that predates Al Gore."

    And works on all browsers, for all screen readers used by the disabled, on cell phones and all devices. Unlike most badly programmed "modern" pages.

    Given that I'm giving tips, tutorials, and patterns away for free, I should think most people ought to be able to suck it up and deal with a basic layout.

  2. Thanks kimberly! we love your freebies! =D



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