Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Edward finally Sparkles Bella with an Engagement Ring

From the world of teen vampires and all that Twilight rage, comes top-notched jewelry to take your Edward fever to the next level, the new brand of moneysucking merchandise introduces Bella's Engagement Ring. This Twilight-inspired oval ring is encrusted with 13 diamonds and 14K yellow gold, handcrafted by master artisans and diamond setters.

Bella's Genuine Engagement Ring

Personally, I find this finger bling just too big and gaudy for delicate hands like uh- Kirsten Stewart's. Then again, its Bella. So does it matter if the ring looks like some flashy vegas gambler's bling? or that it cost $1,979? Aaah such ode to fandom.

But knockoffs are on sale for 14-year-olds on a weekly allowance. See faux Bella's Fashion Engagement Ring for $35!

So you can still sparkle with Edward Cullen!


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