Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Angelina Jolie's Bracelet: Of Salt and Serpents

Stylishly coiled around her wrist, Angelina Jolie wore a gem-studded serpentine bracelet from the Protector Collection by Asprey at the Salt Premiere in Los Angeles.

The limited edition Protector Collection was designed and inspired by both Brad and Angie in support of The Education Partnership for Children in Conflict

The Snake has been a recurring theme among jewelry artisans for centuries. Its an ancient design that draws power from nature- the snake is considered a symbol of fertility and protection. The most common symbol being the Ouroboros, a snake eating its tail is a symbol of infinity and rebirth.

Hot Mama Angelina Jolie wore Armani to her Salt premiere- black, strapless & yes, beaded! Alongside her is the hottest accessory known to womankind- a freshly shaved and beardless Brad Pitt!


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