Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Jewelry: Heart Rings and Love Rings from Etsy

Valentine's day is just around the corner- why not mark another relationship milestone with a testament of love. Go for a Valentine gem like love rings with a heart. And on my Etsy radar are Valentine jewelries from these artisans, they are worth checking out before February 14.

Clever enough to send a secret love message, these Braille love rings are the handiwork of the MaaPstudio from the UK. They are created from immaculate white parian porcelain clay and distinctly hand-painted with a red coral glaze and for a sleek finish they are fired in high temps.

The Stamped Grid Heart Ring by jewelry artist Jennifer Sihvonen can truly leave a mark on the skin as sweet as a kiss. This heart stamp is 14 gauge Sterling Silver and the split band is 16 gauge Sterling Silver. Visit her etsy shop

You can stave off the engagement ring until your sure your sweetheart's the one! An ornate floral love ring for Valentine's day will do the trick.

The Carved red cinnabar ring is Eco-friendly and made from recycled sterling silver wire. One of the gorgeous creations from

This Valentine's vintage classic is a Steampunk Swarovski Ring with antiquated watch movement and siam Red Topaz and clear Swarovski Crystals- all put together by inspiredbyelizabeth

This Valentine's day ring is fiery on the finger, the red bead is handcrafted from Effetre glass from Istanbul. Bring the passion on with The Lampwork Red Passion Silver Adjustable Ring by evihan on @Etsy

Give this big love bling a try, the bigger the Valentine's day jewelry the better, it just shows how tawdry and true your love is. See more of the Pinkflamingo61 from Philadelphia and her jewelry shop at

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