Monday, May 23, 2011

Kawaii Food Rings by Souzou Creations at Etsy

If you love Kawaii quirk and enjoy food, then these amazing moody food rings are for you! A Canadian Jewelry designer named Sofia is based in Japan, she created the fabulous shop called Souzou Creations at Etsy.

Do visit her Etsy shop


  1. I wish the ring with croissant and coffee :)


  2. Dear Bead Snob,

    I was searching for a website listing crafts shop here in Manila and I came across your blog...and I'm very, very grateful that I did cause you got everything in here!!!

    I'm addicted to earrings (that's an understatement), I've been buying a lot of pairs from sidewalk vendors in Manila, SM Department stores (they got pretty collection of earrings, noh?), Forever 21 and Aldo. But they're quite expensive, especially the latter two, so I thought of making my own earrings! So there...I can't wait to explore the stores you listed here. Thank you so much. I wish my blog can be as useful as yours. Keep up the good work! I love your blog! Please don't take it down cause I have a lot to learn regarding DIY jewelry! More power!!! :)))

  3. hi! do you know where to buy black feathers for accessory making? been looking for one but i havent seen any. been to quiapo, nbs, etc :(

  4. @Nessie Cali I couldn't agree with you more, I love the stuff at Aldo, but they really cost an arm and a leg. So for now, I'm just satisfied looking at their blings at GreenBelt5. However, I am eyeing that P700+ faux diamond-studded baby tiara comb at Forever21. My heart beats for it :)

    @ances I think I will do a post on the fishing feather trend this week. I've been getting a lot of emails about these feathers. Thanks!




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