Monday, July 25, 2011

Bijoux Cebu: A World Destination for Green Jewelry

Cebu is the jewelry-making capital of the Philippines, it is home to the country's top costume jewelry artisans and manufacturers who are truly gifted when it comes to working with natural and sustainable materials such as capiz, shell, horn, paper and wood. Cebu is also a fave destination of foreign buyers and jewelry merchandisers.

Photo by Bijoux Cebu and Fame Foundation Philippines

According to the FAME Foundation Philippines: Philippine costume jewelry is highly acclaimed for its quality, design and innovative use of natural materials.

Ginormous wooden bangles and a tassle necklace make a huge statement
(antaray! di ko kinaya! ahluvit! :)

Here's Filipino Designer PJ Aranador's jewelry collection at last year's Bijoux Cebu fashion show.

Don't you just love Philippine trade shows? Where the jewelry pieces are fab and the models are HOT!

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