Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vogue Italia's Slave Earrings Brouhaha

When history's Slave trade era is mined for fashion inspiration

Why couldn't they just call 'em HOOP earrings? Weh! Or just shoot the copy editor for being culturally insensitive.

Vogue Italia now says the "Slave Earrings" was a mistranslation and now calls it "Ethnic earrings".

Okay so Slave = Ethnic? Way to go, no save there Vogue Italia


  1. Thanks so much for the updates et all.. salamat ng venggang vengga dahil ikaw ang queen I wrote something about you

    my post about bead snob

  2. I read about this, it's unbelievably tackless and insensitive! And I thought Vogue Italia was better than that!

    btw, ms. bead snob, I was wondering, I know you made a post about the stores in Villalobos awhile back, would you happen to know the telephone number of CBC (Chains, Beads, and Components)? Thank you!



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