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5 Wardrobe Items That Can Turn Around Any Guy’s Look

Over the last five years, men’s fashion and accessories have grown by leaps and bounds. Guys have become infinitely more serious about putting more thought into what they wear, whether it’s at work, at play or both. Some men, however, still find themselves struggling when it comes to putting together an outfit that is stylish yet simple.

Fortunately, there are some tried and true go-to pieces that can easily be integrated into any closet and will make dressing fashionably a piece of cake. Here are five wardrobe staples that can breathe new life into any guy’s wardrobe.

A Fitted Work-Appropriate Blazer
A good blazer is one of those wardrobe items that is well worth a little investment and is destined to get used time and time again. Not only should you have a blazer on hand for work-related occasions, but the right blazer can easily transition to nights out over more casual shirts.

Fortunately, these days it’s entirely possible to get a good quality blazer without spending a small fortune. Look for one or two button blazers in classic neutral hues like black, navy, grey, brown or tan, avoiding any materials that are overly textured or shiny. As a final touch, have your blazer professionally tailored (even by a local drycleaner) so that it fits you to a T – it will instantly make your blazer look more expensive and chic.

The Perfect Dark Denim Jeans
Despite being another “go anywhere” item that pays to invest in, many guys still fall into the bad jean trap, wearing denim that is poorly designed and/or ill-fitting. What these men don’t realize is that all jeans are not created equal. You’re far better off spending the same amount on a single pair of jeans that fit perfectly rather than three pairs of jeans that look like they belong on your mother.

When shopping for a new pair of jeans, go to a boutique that specializes in denim so that you can try on a few different designers to get a feel for which one suits your style and body type best. If you’re purchasing just a single pair of jeans, stick with a more conservative pair in a dark blue color that are not excessively ripped or whiskered, nor overly decorated or embroidered on the pockets.

Leather-Accented Accessories
One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give your wardrobe a boost is with men’s jewelry and accessories. Even for the most accessories shy guy, leather accents have a welcoming and unfussy masculinity. Leather is also not just for shoulder bags and shoes anymore: leather accents can be found in everything from designer rings for men to cuff links. Some of the hottest current items for leather accessories included smaller portfolio style (or “clutch”) bags, bracelets, statement belts and designer rings for men.

A Statement Coat
‘Tis the season to start seriously thinking about outerwear. Dashing overcoats were all over the Fall and Winter 2012 runways, and for those living in cooler climates, they’re an absolute necessity. Following the same basic color rules as you would for a blazer, look for overcoats that have a certain timelessness yet offer a special detail or two, whether it’s an asymmetrical lapel or interesting buttons. The right piece of outerwear doesn’t always have to mean the traditional overcoat, either. Men’s pea coats are a practical and fashionable choice, as are certain kinds of wool cardigans.

Two Tone Men’s jewelry
Having trouble matching items of fashion jewelry to your everyday wear accessories, like your wedding ring and/or watch? Two tone jewelry is not only eye-catching but extremely versatile. Both silver/gold and black/silver are popular modern color combinations, though the possibilities are virtually endless. Look in particular for two tone watches, bracelets, cuff links and designer rings for men to expand your wardrobe exponentially.

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