Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We've been watching the telecast nonstop while I'm beading for Obama! What could be coolest? The inauguration of the first American Black President- Barack Obama. The caramel shimmer bracelet I'm making right now is simply inspired by his caramel hotness. Have you seen those Presidential abs?

I like it that Obama is a DIY man, showing up at a shelter yesterday and volunteering on Martin Luther King's Death anniversary. He can truly inspire the youth and even those cynical and jaded by the times.

Inspite of the pressing issues of global recession, the Gaza war, unemployment-I've never seen so much show of support and love on a global scale for a President. He has the people rallying behind him. Truly, historic and affecting! Something we should not missed on TV!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Build your Basic Jewelry Starter Kit for P100

I always get this question from my friends: how much do you need to spend to begin your homemade jewelry hobby?

Giving it much thought and stripping down the kit to the bare and very basic essentials. You can get your jewelry hobby going for as low as P100 (around $2). I would recommend P100 for any beginner, you can begin making bracelets and may discover if this hobby really suits you.

It wouldn't hurt to throw in P100 more so you can buy more beads and get more variety with your designs.

Now if you have P500, you can get other extras.

By extras, I mean other handy tools in the "Plier" family - chain nose pliers, crimping pliers, wire cutters.

Extra essentials would cost another P15-P50 per packet such as head pins, earring wires and hooks, split rings, crimp tubes, connectors.

You may also get other design luxuries such as spacers, chandelier components, pinch bails, charms, lockets, etc.

But that doesn't mean you can't have much fun with your P100 starter kit, learn the basics first. Get the hang of making loops and experimenting. I would suggest putting your old, unused or broken pieces of jewelry on the chopping board, learn to recycle these into new designs. I'm sure you will have enough beads to work on to create another knotted elastic bracelet or necklace.

So What's inside your Basic Jewelry Starter Kit?

What's inside your Basic Jewelry Starter Kit?

In line with my post, Build your Basic Jewelry Starter Kit for P100

Let's see what's inside the toolbox of a beginner:

Nylon Thread
Elastic or Non-Elastic. You can start with creating a basic bracelet with just a handful of beads and tying the ends into a knot. Elastic bands in black or white cost P14 in Wellmansons. Basic beading threads can go as up as P22, available in various centimeters or thickness.

Prices vary, but if you want to get started with jewelry-making as a hobby, you can start for as low as P15 per packet or stem.

Eye Pins
The metal connectors, the basic unit that binds beads and stones to one another. Sizes vary according to your bead size. You may also consider buying the flat-heads or head pins.

Toggle or Clasps
You need Toggle or Clasps to secure the ends of the bracelet, this mainly functions as a lock. You don't need so much clasps, so a small packet can do for a starter kit.

How much beads do I need?
Gosh, for the rabid beader there can never be enough beads. The beadshops in Villalobos street can be overwhelming for a first-timer, consider the experience like visiting a chocolate factory.

♥ Have fun making your first design!♥

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jewelry Made from my DIY Bead Shop Stash

Lovely pair of earrings

The first Marche & Juliette bracelet

Olive stones and Jade crystals bracelet which I gave as a gift for Christmas. Vanessa my dear friend now owns it.

I'll be uploading more soon when the weather clears. I only take photos when its sunny, it really makes the gem colors pop out!

More on my visit at the DIY Bead Shop of Villalobos Street, Quiapo, Manila.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The DIY Beads shop: DO IT YOURSELF!

My still unpacked DIY Beads shop stash

The DIY Beads shop is one of the special bead shops I frequent in Villalobos St. Quiapo. I like their selection of clasps and earth stones in particular.

ear hoops, ring findings, ring bases, adjustable ring findings for P20 per pack at DIY shop

Their clasps, spacers, ear chandeliers have very vintage and ornate designs comparable to the clasps often featured in BeadStyle Magazine. You may purchase items such as the clasps in P20-P50 packets. They often come in 5-10 pcs.

For their earth and semi-precious stones, they have a Buy 3-Get 1 free promo, so you can get 4 stems for P300. Regardless of the size, they have really small translucent stones to the really large ones in tangerine - all at the same price of P100 per stem.

They also have one of the best "Reds" section which is located near the cash register, where you can find all beads and stems in the color RED.

If you're looking for special elements and charms, this is the place to go. They have items you would not find in the other stores in Villalobos.

Here's a guide from my previous post on How to Get to Villalobos Street

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Loop and A String

It all starts with the first loop. No, with the first string.
Okay you say tomato, I say tomato.

It begins with what you prefer.

Stringing is easy.

1. Get a string preferably an elastic nylon band
2. Estimate the desired length or fit of the wrist with the nylon string.
3. Then put the beads into the string. Be creative with the colors and your bead choices!
4. Knot it up and voila! your first bracelet.


1. Get a connector and your nose plier.
2. Put the bead into the connector.
3. Bend the free end into a 90 degree angle, then slowly and gingerly roll it up into a loop.

4. Okay now you have your first Bead into a connector. The basic unit of jewelry.
5. Make more of these, enough for the length of a bracelet or necklace. Be creative with your selections.
6. I would suggest pre-selecting the beads, line them up on the table and decide where each goes. The secret to great jewelry design is knowing which colors go together and which stones or gems to highlight.
7. Put all your connectors together to create the desired length.
8. Seal the ends with a knot or a lobster lock, a crimp then a lock or a lovely toggle clasp.
9. Wear your fab creation and get fierce!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Fabulous Indian Summer for 2009!

The Philippines has a lot of jewelry manufacturers who focus more on exporting since this has a bigger and profitable market. Sadly, we don't really catch a glimpse or have a chance to avail of their crafts per season unless we go out on a limb and visit their manufacturing outlets and shops in the provinces.

I'll be featuring a series of Costume and Organic Jewelry manufacturers in the Philippines. Though most hail from Cebu, they also have offices in Manila or they actively join trade fairs by CITEM and other industry groups.

One such company from Cebu is Indian Summer.
The group has made a mark globally with the contemporary and colorful vibe in their pieces. They have consistently exhibited in Paris, Hong Kong and Manila.

Kudos to their in-house design team for the bravado in experimenting with colors, giving their pieces a funky edge- its hard not to take notice, and ogle!

For further info, here's their company profile from their website:

Indian Summer
, founded in 2000, produces contemporary fashion accessories out of natural materials. We have further diversified our market by manufacturing special components for shoe and bag factories, buttons and special textile accessories.

Exhibiting in Paris, Hongkong and Manila several times a year contributed to our wide range of buyers mainly wholesalers and department stores from Europe, Australia and the United States. The interesting fusion of local materials and unique color play is Indian Summer´s trademark. With over 200 people, we belong to the most advanced and leading companies in the industry.

Indian Summer
Punta Engano, Lapu-lapu City 6015 Cebu, Philippines
Telephone: (6332) 4951488 or 4951988
FAX: (6332) 4951588
Website: www.indiansummer.com.ph

♥ I Love Cindy Carol Jewelry ♥

I've always been an avid shopper of Cindy Carol Jewelry since college. Before I started making my own homemade jewelry, I always give away their earrings and bracelets as gifts for my loved ones on Christmas. They are very trendy and affordable. I can get charms for as low as P10. For necklaces, their prices are at P50-P200 ($1-$4).

Unfortunately, since the Glorietta bombing at G2, I'm unable to visit this branch close to my home, I thought the shop closed, but I discovered yesterday they have a small cart near the Glorietta-Landmark entrance. And I couldn't resist these gorgeous finds!

This sparkling crystal earrings cost me P20 ($.21 cents) at the Cindy Carol Cart in Glorietta.

I love the detail and the use of univalve shells in this piece.

As a beachcomber who collects shells for jewelry and design study. I really felt this piece was simply distinct and beautiful! These would look elegant on my ears this summer at the beach or even on a sunday wedding. Cost me another P20 though.

Company Profile and Manufacturer's Info

Source: Small and Medium Enterprises in the Philippines

CINDY CAROL COLLECTION started as a hobby and a challenge for Cindy Carol Ponce Sta. Ines, who, while in her senior year in college, was already into making hair ribbons which were sold to her schoolmates.

In 1988, with a capital of only P250,000 from savings, Cindy Carol opened her business, together with some friends who are now owners of Kamiseta and Bayo. In no time at all, she found her way into big department stores.

She now has five (5) stores which are located at Robinson's Galleria, SM Megamall, SM North, Glorietta, and Southmall. Each branch sells accessories, bags and boxes. Her products are a mix of locally assembled (hair accessories, packaging boxes & bags) and export items (boxes and sinamay bags).

Cindy Carol Collection

#28 Diamond St., Francesca Homes
Bo., San Isidro, Cainta Rizal
Cainta, Rizal,
Contact No:
(632) 6829259
Fax No:
(632) 6829259

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jewelry Exhibit at Galleria Duemila

On the dailies this week, a jewelry exhibit is on show at Galleria Duemila.

The German jeweler Ursula Woerner has created another exclusive collection called "SOPHISTICATION". This presentation is her third show in the Philippines at Galleria Duemila's head office in Pasay City.

For her new collection Ursula has explored a new field of creative experience. She combined organic structures with traditional motives from the European Alps and lock elements that convey a sense of mystery – and glamorous sophistication. Beneath this contrast you will discover a hidden harmony, a composition carefully balanced out by the artist. Her favorite material is silver, which she often combines with pearls, corals and stone beads. The particular surface of handmade silver is another quality of her work and - while the process of creation remains always visible - it evokes the pleasure and joy of wearing individual jewelry.

To view the full collection online, visit the Galleria Duemila website.

Galleria Duemila, Inc.
Main Gallery
210 Loring Street
1300 Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: (632) 831-9990 or (632)833-9815


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