Thursday, September 17, 2009

My First Necklace: Red Murano Glass Beads and Rustic Metals

My first attempt. I don't enjoy making necklaces, there's this fuss over balance and symmetry that gets in the way of my quick fix. I guess I'm not that patient with necklaces, except for this one I really enjoyed the process.

I had my eye on the red murano glass bead bundle since Day 1 at Wellmansons, Quiapo. It cost me P80 ($1.80) for 6-8 pieces of glass. The earth stone came from Kuya Tim's store (the DIY Beads Shop) at P300 for 4 strings (8-10 pieces in each string)  from their earth and stone collection. The metals I got from deconstructing an old Cindy Carol bracelet I got for P50 ($1.10) at Glorietta.

I'm thinking of making the necklace longer instead of a choker. It would make a great multi-layer or 3-tier necklace that reaches the chest area.

I still have no idea where I would wear this though :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Growing Jewelry: Take your Little Garden Everywhere

Going Green is the new black. So how about some trendy eco-friendly jewelry from Icelandic product designer, Hafsteinn Juliusson. I am sooo lovin' Growing jewelry, its a definite conversation piece at fashionista parties. My BFF thinks its an ideal engagement ring for vegans haha.

Like any garden variety plant, the little moss on the ring must not be overwatered, and for the best results, you can water it every 5 weeks. If you wear it all the time, I don't think you'll ever forget to water your portable bush.

I am so wishin' it came in this variety... a little organic hemp won't hurt.

A little spritz and voila! you got a garden growing without even using your green thumb.


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