Friday, April 19, 2013

Rare South Sea Pearls: A Look at Jewelmer's Golden Pearls

Jewelmer is ranked as one of the top three producers of South Sea pearls in the world. The Philippine Jewelry company which runs a pearl farm in Palawan produces the rare gold South Sea Pearl, the Pinctada Maxima.

Pearl formation is a marvelous event. Nature reminds us that greatness can blossom out of modest beginnings - a priceless life lesson from the humblest of life forms. - Jewelmer

Here's a glimpse of Jewelmer's Pearl Farm.
Placing the oyster cages at the start of the season

Harvesting the fully-grown oysters: This happens after 2-3 years.

The oyster cages are placed into the boats then delivered ashore.

The oysters are washed thoroughly and prepared for extraction.
Jacques Branellec, managing director of Jewelmer oversees the extraction process, “Any change in temperature and water conditions can affect the oysters. For 38 years I have been in cultivation of pearls, but I”m always learning something new.”

A single golden pearl - now begins the painstaking process for pearl experts in finding two pearls of the same parallel size, shape and surface qualities.
According to Jewelmer, no two pearls are precisely alike. To find “sister” pearls of similar attributes, a master grader must patiently sift through a bounty of 50,000 pearls.
The chosen pearls are then incorporated into Jewelmer's latest designs.

Pearls are then handcrafted and formed by local artisans into various jewelry pieces.

No longer part of the bivalves, the pearls are now part of a more distinctive piece. This necklace creation by Jewelmer is called the Buona Annata Necklace.

But where do most of the golden pearls end up?
On the necks of gorgeous celebs like Dawn Zulueta and this one looks lovely on Hollywood star Jessica Chastain.
Check out the latest Pearl Collection at Jewelmer website, Facebook and Twitter page.


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