Monday, December 22, 2008

Marche & Juliette

I am starting my multiply store soon. Once I create enough jewelries to sell. My fingers are starting to feel the blisters now with the wires.

I am naming my homemade jewelry collection, Marche & Juliette. An ode to two loving people whom I lost in 2008 - my Uncle Marciano (we call him Marsha) and my aunt Juliet. They were both openly gay and single.

They were fire and ice, fierce and loving. They died a month apart, perhaps in grief with one losing the other. My Aunt Juliet loved Jade stones, emeralds and earthy tones. She adored Chinese goodluck charms since she was a tindera in the markets of Pampanga.

My Uncle Marciano spent 33 years in Paris as a concierge. He's very meticulous, feisty and had this regal aura about him. He followed trends and was always in vogue. He often wore black, gray, bold and sophisticated colors.

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