Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to the BeadSnob!

Touch my beads and i'll kill yah! I'm such a snob when it comes to my beads and my crafts stash haha. I find making homemade jewelry relaxing, kinda meditative. I wish I discovered it much sooner.

But any interest in DIY, homemade things, recycling vintage items and crafts- I owe to my Dad. He's a real dumpster diver and a junkyard treasure hunter. My dad is one very crafty guy. He taught me how to sew, how to make quilts, create shorts with the basic garter waistline, use an edging machine and sew buttonholes. If he wasn't such a gung-ho asphalt engineer, you might think he was fruity. My uncles call him Mr. MacGyver, he could fix anything and bring any machinery back to life. My dad has a knack for the technical and the industrial- welding, drafting, suspensions, electrical wirings, finishings, sanding, plumbing, etc. But what amazes me most is his knack for DIY crafts. He creates the most adorable looking crafts with his hands.

Anyway, so after much sewing, my friend Chee introduced me to beading and making homemade pieces of jewelry. Together we went out and hunted down the "open secret" in certain trades - the supply stores in Quiapo, Manila.

The end result is a thousand beads and an empty wallet. Over Christmas, I am now learning the basics, knowing my tools and eagerly starting my sofa sweatshop.

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