Friday, July 31, 2009

Damask Patterns: The Season of the Damned and the Beautiful

Would you ever consider going out looking like your Aunt's Victorian curtains? That would be so tacky right?

But as you see this baroque influence everywhere from graphic design to fashion, the industry has given the Damask pattern the royal treatment again and the Old World charm of ornate patterns is now visble from cakes, clothing, accesories and jewelry.

Albeit, tastefully done.

Damask Dresses

This is definitely not your Aunt's shabby sofa where Mr. Dorian Grey would perhaps die a thousand deaths!

The trend is everywhere, just fab I guess!

Sabrina's Wide Ornate Diamond CZ Bracelet

Bangle Damask

1 comment:

  1. So I stumbled on this blog while looking for a damask accent pillow for my apartment. Yes it is everywhere. It is a simple and clean pattern. Too bad everybody and their momma has it.



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