Friday, July 24, 2009

Wear your Lucky Charm!

Luck is what we define it!

If you can avail of a mm or cm drill bit or if you're skilled enough to poke a hole into your lucky charm then you're all set to wear it on your wrist, neck or ears! Funny, how luck has often been attributed to jewelry or anything we can have close on our skins.

You don't have to limit yourself to Kabbalah bendels, Chinese red trinkets, rabbit's foot, coins, stone amulets, crystals to have lady luck on your side. Sometimes all it takes is some ordinary item or object that would remind you of that special moment. An item from a life altering event, an unlikely piece from one of your successful pursuits. A trophy you may call it.

For instance, Joey, this art student I know, has this pair of bent spoon and fork for bracelets as his good luck jewelry for exams. My cousin Gina has this chip of wood from Boracay that reminds her of her wedding day and how lucky she felt. My friend Ligaya has this authentic Mangyan jewelry handmade on her neck without any snaps or locks. Its like an evil eye to ward off spirits. She hasn't taken the thing off for ages, I think. But it has kept her very Zen.

These forms of jewelry can easily uplift your mood, calm you and ease worries away. Good luck charms can help you put things in perspective and remind you of what's important. More than luck, it gives you that positive reassurance. Before you know it, you may start to experience a streak of good things coming your way.

Sterling Silver Red Jade Saddle Ring
The Chinese believe that Jade gemstones bring good luck for the bearer.

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  1. Hello!

    I found this page via a Google Search for Horse Rings. I would do near anything to have a ring like this to propose to my girlfriend with. PLEASE, is there anywhere you know of that has something like this?!?




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