Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contemporary Chic with Traditional Wood Jewelry

There is a great sense of beauty in wearing something handcrafted. Perhaps the idea that it was laboured on for hours or crafted for its rare material or molded by a dying breed of artisans, make it more valuable than its selling price.

Such the same can be said for the beautiful handcrafted wood work pieces from Austolia, a Cebu-based Jewelry company.

Austolia's designs showcases a deep love for Filipino materials, and the hands that create these pieces shows the creative spirit of the culture. Colorful, diverse and exquisite.

An elegant, contemporary folk bangle with ornate metal work.

Philippine Bib Necklace with Geometric tri-tone ethnic pendants

Geometric design wrist bangle with wooden finish

Visit their gallery for more set pieces.

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