Monday, August 10, 2009

A Menagerie of Hair Accessories

Nagi Noda has now gone mainstream. Or into mainstream consciousness almost a year after her death.

The celebrated artist at 35

I don't think her distinct hair creations will be on every one's heads next season. Such avant-garde fare should be left for the runways or one of our secret finds when it comes to outlandish hair accessories.

Well, NO thanks to Lady Gaga, she just had to put one of Noda's creations on her head for a performance on Japanese TV. Now every tabloid on the blogosphere is trashing on the headpieces as one of her ridiculous bids for attention. It would have been a great nod to Nagi Noda, if someone with more talent and music cred (like Bjork or Stina Nordenstam) wore it as a tribute piece.

Elegant hair topiary by Nagi Noda

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