Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Luxurious Elegance of Capiz Shells

A fine material in Filipino jewelry-making, Capiz shells have a pearly luminescence that makes them divine. I love Capiz shells for they are always elegant and easy to match with outfits- casual or formal. 

A large pair of Capiz Shell Earrings, a gift from my sister from Davao City. 

Photo by The Malacological Society of London

Capiz materials are one of the Philippines top-most exports and are used to embellish almost anything from lamps, curtains, plates and home decors. They are commonly found in Philippine homes, as decorative parts in windows.

They are made from dried bivalve shells of the Placuna placenta akin to the Panay Group of Islands particularly in thr province of Capiz. They are very productive and easy to propagate in aquafarms.

My other really fave Capiz earrings:

My 2 inch Capiz earrings with leopard spots

My divine green Capiz earrings with animal prints

These earrings make great conversation pieces in parties, as long as you don't mind having people stare at your ears all night.

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  1. where do you purchase your capiz shell pieces?




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