Sunday, November 15, 2009

Basic Bracelet Tutorial: How to String Beads Together

This is a simple tutorial on how to make your first bracelet using an elastic nylon chord. Nothing fancy. The fanciness will come with your bead selection.

I would recommend this as a great activity you can do with your kids.

1. Get a piece of string preferably an elastic nylon band. These come in various thickness and colors.

Estimate or Measure your desired length or tightness for the bracelet.

Put each bead into your string. Feel free to experiment with the colors and your beads. Hollow or light beads are a good choice for elastic bracelets. However, heavy beads or stones will only weigh down the elastic and it will sag in places.

Knot the ends. Knot it tight. No need to do some special knot, just secure the ends in place. Hide the knot inside one of the beads.

Voila! Your first string bracelet!

As for looping or creating a basic bracelet with wire connectors and pins, this is my old tutorial


  1. Hi, I am new with this. Could you help me out on how to do a knot on the nylon elastic string. I have done numerous know but it always loosens up. Please help me.

  2. Hello Norman, I just usually do a double knot and just touch it up with a drop of quick-dry glue then I snug it tightly into one of the bead holes just to hide it.

    Or just do a single knot, pull it tightly until the knot becomes really small seal it with glue.

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