Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Allure of Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings don't go below the $90,000 range by hollywood standards. Anything below that worth is tugging on the B-list line, but some celebs can play it safe with vintage heirlooms which sadly can be fugly on any modern bride's ring finger. Heirlooms often have huge tacky cut rocks plated with crassy gold instead of posh platinum.

The tabloids and paps have made it a game spotting newly popped rocks on celebs. This year alone has been a circus of quickie marriage proposals clinched by huge and pricey wedding bands.

For starters, Chad OchoCinco is all about the Bling! and he knows how to rock his woman's world by giving them the heavies, such as this10-carat engagement ring!

The bride Eva Lozada- may you have 85 years of bliss with Chad!

Now onto husband number #2, Jessica Simpson's suddenly spurned engagement was just in time to trump her ex-husband's Nick Lachey's own engagement plans. Oh get over it you two!

Rumor has it, the distressed Jess paid for her own fat Ruby and Gold engagement sparkler to the tune of more than $100,000

Jessica Simpson and NFL footballer Eric Johnson

The Filipino-Italian beauty Vanessa Minnillo flaunts the ring that haunts Jessica Simpson to this day.

 This $125,000 engagement deal-sealer is a 4- carat platinum Asscher-cut diamond with smaller  trapezoid cut diamonds all from Nick Lachey's pockets. 

The engagement ring that equals a $3 Million Dollar head- must be well worth it for Hockey player Mike Comrie.

The blissful bride caught on her knees by the Paps

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are so out there, a celeb couple so out-of-whacked its almost cliche! You can't expect anything ordinary for these two - so the grand Indian theme wedding was as exotic as blueberry jam on chappati roti.

This 3-carat Cartier blingamajig  is worth $120,000 with a rare diamond called the Golconda Diamond from the diamond mines of India.

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