Monday, November 22, 2010

The Engagement Ring of the Century: Kate Middleton's Sapphire Blue Ring

Typically, a bride-to-be would abhor the idea of an engagement ring that belongs to a dead woman whose marriage ended in a much publicized divorce. But this is no ordinary engagment, its the catch of the century for any single lady- marrying the Prince of Wales!

The lovely bride-to-be Kate Middleton with the dashing rescue helicopter pilot Prince William of Wales.

I just hope this pretty commoner doesn't suffer the same fate as Princess Diana, may the wonderful Prince William protect her so (from her grand in-law) hah!

"The 18-carat oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds" engagement ring

So wanna feel like Kate? You can be a princess with your own knockoff of this royal blue stunner for only $39.95 offered at the site. The designer cashing in on the royal gem quips:

"I've always felt that any girl could become a princess. It's my pleasure to offer a ring that has become a royal sensation. Having a long relationship with the British Royal Family, I wish the couple a long and happy marriage." —Kenneth Jay Lane

The Princess knockoff ring: Make yer BFFs jealous!

Oh yeah even from the grave, Princess Di can ressurect 80s jewelry trends.

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